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MasculinityU is a coalition of individuals working together to bring change to our communities, colleges, states and country. We offer a national speakers bureau, curriculum development, advocacy and programmatic consulting, and guided facilitation.

We will work with people of any age and background and tailor our message for each desired audience. We not only empower people to act, but will provide concrete action steps for them to get involved.


The point of MasculinityU isn't to define masculinity; its to free men up to define it for themselves. Masculinities encompass the various ways that males behave. There isn't just one way to be a man nor should there be. Though there are several positive traits of mainstream masculinity, there are just as many elements that can prove problematic.


We want to have men and boys rethink the ways they were told to be a man and understand the limitations and restrictions that come with it. We want to teach men and boys to make conscious and intentional decisions rather than just going along with the messages that they received.

Join us.


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