Sacchi Patel


Sacchi is an established social justice educator, speaker, and activist specializing in masculinity and (primary) violence prevention.  His academic and professional work focuses on the various reasons and ways in which men and boys ought to join the anti-violence movement.


Sacchi has worked in higher education and in tech always bringing a social justice lens to everything he does.

Marc Peters


Marc currently serves as a Health Promotion Specialist at Brown University. His work focuses predominately on promoting healthy masculinity and helping male-identifying students explore how societal norms influence their behavior and campus culture.  


Marc also served as part of the Global Secretariat for the MenEngage Alliance as their Global Communications and Campaigns Manager.


Joe Samalin

Senior Consultant

Joe has been working to address gender-based violence since he was an undergraduate student, and as an activist and organizer addresses domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking through trainings and programming with hundreds of people and communities on these issues.


Most recently Joe was Senior Program Manager for Community Mobilization & Leadership Development with Breakthrough, a global human rights organization challenging the culture of violence against women and girls.

Savannah Badalich

Senior Consultant

Savannah has a successful history of digital community organizing, and as an undergraduate, she created a national sexual violence prevention organization and advocated for holistic changes to how universities address gender-based violence using digital campaigns.


She is currently a program manager at Breakthrough, a global human rights organization. She manages community organizing, oversees the fellowship program, the activism hotline, and is constantly finding new and interesting ways to digitally facilitate and inspire young activists.


Tremayne Robertson

Senior Consultant

Tremayne has more than 15 years of experience at numerous public and private colleges and universities. He has served in numerous roles at public and private universities in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and Title IX.


He has dedicated his career to educating college students and working professionals about inclusion, intimate partner violence, bystander intervention and healthy masculinity.

Libby Thorson

Senior Consultant

Libby holds a B.S. in Political Science ('11) and a M.S. in Student Affairs Administration ('15) from The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Before graduate school, Libby worked at both an outdoor education center and reproductive health clinic that served Western Wisconsin.


In her current role as the Coordinator for Violence Prevention and Healthy Masculinity programs at West Chester University, Libby works with college students through the lens of healthy masculinity promotion, bystander empowerment, and sexual violence prevention.